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The Hammonton School district has initiated a special project commemorating the town’s Sesquicentennial.  The project, entitled “Hammonton Roots Run Deep”, focuses on planting a series of trees along the Road to Excellence.

The trees are planted as a symbolic tribute to the thousands of students who have grown academically over the past 150 years. Also, they will represent the educational foundation that begins in our schools.



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Summer Projects

Middle School 


Location: Boys and Girls Bathroom along with Men’s and Women’s Faculty bathrooms


Scope of Work-


Phase 1:

Deconstruct the original bathroom including taking down ceilings, remove floor tiles and wet bed, remove old fixtures & toilets, and finally take down partition walls to prepare for the installing of new electric and plumbing work.


Phase 2 of bathrooms:

Rough in new electrical and plumbing work. Have masons prepare floor and build new chase wall.

Call for all inspections needed in the construction process. These inspections happen at all phases of construction.

Install new tile walls and pour a new wet bed to get ready for our new floor tile work. Apply new grout to floor and walls and clean everything to get ready for next phase.


Phase 3 Fixtures:

Install all new toilets and sinks for bathroom areas.

Install new ceiling tiles and finish the ceiling grid.

Install new partition walls along with appropriate door and hardware to meet ADA requirements.

Install new mirrors in all bathrooms.


Phase 4:

Hang up new ADA and Braille signs for our up dated bathrooms.

Paint door jambs and surrounding areas affected by construction.

Install new paper product holders and soap dispensers.

Give a final clean up and call for final inspections.



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Hammonton High School
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Hammonton Middle School
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Elementary School
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Early Childhood
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  • HT-Little League March 17, 2018
    HT-Little League 2018-03-17 3:30pm 7:30pm ECEC Fields
  • Sunshine Foundation March 17, 2018
    Sunshine Foundation 2018-03-17 11:00am 1:00pm WES Cafe/Auditorium, WES Classroom/'s, WES Kitchen, WES Parking Lot, WES-Gym Comments: Sunshine Foundation - Lunch with the Easter Bunny
  • AP History Class March 17, 2018
    AP History Class 2018-03-17 10:00am 1:00pm Classroom HHS 117
  • HT-Little League March 17, 2018
    HT-Little League 2018-03-17 8:00am 3:00pm MS-Field Hockey fld, MS-Football Field, MS-Softball Field Comments: Hammonton Little League Baseball, Softball and Tee-ball practices *10 - 15 players per field *10 parents of players (3/24 & 3/25 - Woman's' Civic Center Easter Egg Hunt - field not available)

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