Contact:  High School -(609) 567-7000 Ext. 335

Contact:  Middle/WES – (609) 567-7007 Ext. 214

Hammonton High School

Ms. Carey Speziali, Supervisor of Student Personnel Services
Mr. Joseph R. Martino, Counselor
Ms. Cindy Pierce, Counselor
Mrs. Nadine Ryan, Counselor
Mrs. Anna Warburton, Counselor
Ms. Lauren Mulhern, Counselor

Mrs. Linda Fiorentino, Office Manager  (609) 567-7000 X335
Mrs. Kelly Longo  (609) 567-7000 X334

Hammonton Middle School

Ms. Lisa DeKlerk, Counselor
Ms. Colleen Roccia, Counselor

Ms. Arleen Rebardo, (609) 567-7007  Ext. 214

Warren E. Sooy, Jr., Elementary School

Hammonton Early Childhood Education Center

Ms. Debra Schmidt, Counselor
(609) 567-7070 Ext. 197

Ms. Barbara Alessandro, Guidance Secretary
(609) 567-7070 Ext. 194

Program of Studies 2018 – 2019

Welcome to the Hammonton High School Guidance Department.  The Guidance Department is here to assist students with future planning, further education, career awareness, and problem solving.  The Guidance Counselors work together to provide students with opportunities that help them realize their full educational and social potential with particular emphasis on the transition to post secondary education.

Guidance Counselors meet with students throughout the school year in both individual and/or group settings.  Individual course selection meetings, along with parent input, help to ensure that students take appropriate High School courses that coincide with their future plans. The Guidance Counselors are always available on a daily basis to assist students and parents with questions, problems, and concerns.  We look forward to meeting your needs as we prepare our students for the future.

The Career Center – adjacent to the Guidance Office – is available to students with a pass from their Guidance Counselor before and after school, as well as during Lunch and Study Hall periods.  This valuable educational resource provides students with current information that pertains to career, college, vocational/technical school, military, and financial aid investigation.  Students are also encouraged to use our on-line resources to enhance their research of career options.  Two examples of valuable websites are and

The Guidance Department communicates very effectively with colleges and other schools for further education.  Senior students are given individual attention with regard to the application process.  High School transcripts and other supporting documents are sent to colleges and other schools for further education in a prompt and efficient manner when requested by students or their parents.  The Guidance Department hosts a Further Education Financial Aid Night every year during the month of October.  A college financial aid officer will be in attendance to interact with students and parents regarding the financial aid process.

Scholarships, Pre-College Opportunities and Open Houses are posted on the Guidance page of this website.  Many scholarship applications are also made available to students in the Career Center, while other applications are completed on-line by the students.  Parents and students are also encouraged to visit and to search over one million available scholarships for students.

Please feel free to contact your Guidance Counselor or the Guidance Office with any questions.

Thank you.