Ms. Carey Speziali

Ms. Carey Speziali, Acting Supervisor of Student Personnel Services


Supervisor of Math/Science
609-567-7000 Ext. 372

Mr. Joseph C. Martino

Mr. Joseph C. Martino Supervisor of Technology            609-567-7000 ext. 375

Mrs. Marnie Parks

Mrs. Marnie Parks
Athletic Director/Supervisor of
Physical Education
609-567-7000 ext. 155

Mr. Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer
Supervisor of World Language
609-567-6693 ext. 450

Mr. Lewis Testa

Mr. Lewis Testa
Supervisor of Language Arts
609-567-7007 ext. 287

Mr. John Lavell

Mr. John Lavell
Supervisor of Special Services
609-567-7000 Ext. 343


Mr. Steve Minchak
Technology Coordinator/Supervisor
609-567-7000 Ext. 369