Estimated Cost for Use of Facilities

A deposit of 50% of the estimated cost below is required to secure your facility request.


                                  Rental Fee

                                    Per Day

Auditorium                    $600.00                                                                            x _______day(s)=_________

Cafeteria                       $400.00                                                                            x _______day(s)=_________  

Gymnasium                  $500.00                     x # of Gyms _________                   x _______day(s)=_________

Library/Media Center   $400.00                                                                            x _______day(s)=_________

Classroom                    $50.00 per classroom     x ___________ classrooms       x _______day(s)=_________

Field/Courts                  $100.00 per field/courts x _________ field/courts           x _______day(s)=_________

Computer Lab              $400.00 per lab              x____________ labs                  x _______day(s)=_________

Kitchen                             ***

***Kitchen is a separate charge contact the Food Service Director 609-567-7000 ext 166 for rates.


                                                                                                           Total Rental Fees $______________            


Custodians (4 hr minimum) rate                  Mon-Fri                 Saturday                Sunday/Holidays

4 hours per custodian per day (4x$20)           $80.00                  $150.00                     $200.00                         

(during school year)

Each hour of overtime per custodian              $20.00                   $35.00                      $45.00


4 hours per custodian per day   (4x$35)         $140.00                 $150.00                    $200.00

            (during summer)          

Each hour of overtime per custodian              $35.00                    $35.00                      $45.00




Audio Visual Technician (4 hour minimum)/Student Worker Rates

1-4 hours per Audio Visual Technician                                              $225.00    x _______day(s)=_________

Each additional hour per Audio Visual Technician per day               $50.00      x _______day(s)=_________

Student rate per hour per student (with A/V Tech present)               $12.00      x _______day(s)=_________



                                                        Total Audio Visual Technician/Students Fees       $_________________

                                                        Other___________________________                    $_________________

                                                        Repair and Maintenance (if applicable)               $_________________


                                                                                                     Less Deposit            $(________________)


                                                                            Total Estimated Cost for Facility Use $_________________