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Anne Frank Exhibit

Stockton University’s Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center hosted its 36th Annual Holocaust Awareness Program through Friday Feb. 22. This year's program is an exhibit, “Anne Frank: A History for Today” created by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The exhibit consists of two rows of pop-up panels filled with information about the Holocaust and the story of Anne Frank. The panels provide a chronological progression of World War II and how it coincided with the life of Anne Frank. Stockton University is the first school in the United States to offer the peer-to-peer docent training that teaches students how to guide the tours of this exhibit to others. The exhibit travelled to Hammonton High School through the school’s affiliation with Stockton University’s Holocaust and Genocide Dual Credit Consortium. Some of the trained guides from Stockton worked with HHS media specialist Margaret Altman to set up the exhibit in the HHS media center where it will be displayed March 5th, 6th, and 7th. They also trained students from Mr. Justin LoSasso’s Honors Holocaust and Genocide Studies class to serve as guides for the exhibit at HHS. It is an honor for HHS to host this exhibit and a wonderful opportunity for the entire school community.