• vpyontek

February Way to Go Wall

Congratulations to the following students who are recognized by their teachers for achievement, effort, attitude and more importantly, those that best exemplify HMS for spirit and potential. All students earn a $5.00 Nino's Gift card. Lillian Reigle, enthusiastic; Perla Merino, helpful; Lauren Potter, awesome artist; Sean Fudala, studious; Camryn Broadnax, tenacious; Ezequiel Ramirez, positive attitude; Michelle Ramirez, respectful; Karina Gonzalez-Colin, self motivated; Kelly Crescenzo, extreme hard worker, positive attitude; Jake Waddell, diligent; Felix Ordonez-Diaz, focused; Alex Gonzalez, hard working, model student, motivated and well mannered; Andrew Hoover, strong work ethics.