Project CHILD FIND is a free referral and awareness campaign to assist in the identification of unserved/underserved youth with a delay or disability from birth to twenty-one years of age. Project Child Find Fact Sheet:

Infants and Toddlers (Birth to Three)

If you are concerned your infant or toddler is developing or learning differently, call the new statewide toll free referral number for the New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS) at 1-888-653-4463.

For further Information on New Jersey’s Early Intervention Services:

Preschoolers (Three to Five)

If you are concerned your preschool age child is developing or learning differently and reside in Hammonton, please contact the district’s Department of Special Education by calling (609)567-7000 ext 337.  A child study team case manager will be made available to discuss your concerns and questions.  For some guidelines for informally observing  your child’s development the NJ Dept. of Education provides a helpful parent brochure found here:  Child Development Checklist. The child study team conducts evaluations on children, ages three through 21, free of charge.  Eligible children receive special education and related services through the district’s Department of Special Education, and to the  maximum extent appropriate with children who are not disabled. If you would like to refer your child,  please send a written request with your child’s full name, age, birth date, address, and a brief statement of your concerns to: Hammonton Public Schools Department of Special Education 566 Old Forks Road Hammonton, NJ 08037 Once your referral is received the child study team will schedule a meeting with you within 20 days to discuss and determine if an evaluation is warranted.

School Age Children

Children already attending school have the greatest opportunity to be identified when educational concerns are present. School staff and your child’s principal can refer a student to the child study team through their school based Intervention and Referral Service teams.  Internal district forms and procedures are in place for this to occur. School based I & RS teams develop interventions in the school setting and general education classroom to assist students experiencing difficulties in order to intervene early.  However, when a student is not responsive to interventions provided by the general education staff, a child study team referral may be warranted. A parent may refer their child to the child study team by sending a written request. Please include your address, child’s full name, age, grade, teacher’s name, school, phone number, and a brief statement of your concerns in the letter .  All written requests should be mailed to the address above and include a parent signature.  NOTE:  Email requests are not accepted for referrals.

For Additional Information Contact:

Sharon DeNafo Ed.S. NCSP

Supervisor of Special Services

Hammonton Public Schools

566 Old Forks Rd.

Hammonton, NJ 08037

(609)567-7070 ext. 158