Facility Use

Hammonton Schools are happy to offer the Use of our Facilities to individuals and community organizations. Please be advised that the district no longer accepts paper applications for the Use of Facilities. The new online process for booking facility requests is called rSchoolToday. Please allow at least 30 days before your event to submit your request.  If you are requesting a waiver from fees, you must provide a letter/documentation for this request to the Hammonton Board of Education.

Once your organization is approved as a “client” you will receive an e-mail from rSchoolToday which will include the link to enable you to request dates for your event(s). You are then able to fill out an application to request a booking. You will receive e-mail notification about your request once it is approved/denied.


Procedures and Guidelines for the online request process for the Use of School Facilities are as follows:


1.  The first step in this process is to register to be approved as a “client/requester” by visiting our website www.Hammontonps.org  then clicking on the “Use of Facilities” tab, then select rSchoolToday. This will take you to the site to set up your organization with a username and password.  Once you receive the email that your registration is approved, you may then begin the online process to book your event. You must complete all the application, or it will not be processed. This is to ensure everything that is needed for your event is provided.


2.  A Certificate of Insurance must be provided either upload the document, email, or fax it to (UOF@Hammontonps.org or  609-561-4420) at least 14 days prior to the event with the expiration date. The certificate must name Hammonton Board of Education as “Additional Insured “or the certificate will not be accepted. The policy must be for $1,000,000 for each occurrence. The coverage must be for the duration of the facility use. Permission to use any facility is contingent upon receipt of Proof of Insurance and final approval by Hammonton Schools Facilities Manager/Director.

3.  If you are submitting multiple dates with different times, please submit separate requests for each time period. If you are submitting a request for different buildings, please submit a request for each building. You may submit one request if the building and the times are the same. Once you have submitted your request it will then go thru the internal approval process. When the proper parties have approved/denied the request you will receive a confirmation email


4.  Payment of 50% made payable to Hammonton Board of Education, is due as soon as possible or no later than two (2) weeks before the event takes place and the remaining balance is due 7-10 days after the event. Your organization will be responsible for any additional custodial overtime charges, additional clean-up fees, additional fees for areas used that were not requested or any damages.  The applicant is responsible for the behavior and actions of the person or persons using the facilities including the cost of any damages occurred.


5.  Food Service: After approval of the facility booking, arrangements for the kitchen facilities must be made with the Food Service Director directly at 609-567-7000 ext. 166. A Food Service Worker must be present at all times. Food Service will bill the said organization directly for use of the kitchen and the salary of the Food Service Worker. Please note this fee is separate from the Use of Facilities fee.


The Hammonton Board of Education reserves the right to establish availability to district facilities, and prohibit, rescind or change the use of its facilities without notice.