Web Developer Resources

How to Login

Simply go to wix.com and enter your username (school email) and password you created.

Steps for Creating a Post

  • Click New Post Button

  • Add a Title

    • Remember to include the name of your building when applicable 

      • For example: "HHS: Student Orientation August 28th" instead of "Student Orientation August 28th"

      • This helps users make sense of the district newsfeed located at the top left corner of the homepage.

  • Create the Body of the Post

    • Add text, pictures, videos, etc.​

    • Please include Alt Text when adding a picture

      • This is required to help visual impaired people use the website with a program that reads text and images to them

    • ​Please use Helvetica Light Size 16 Font​

    • Very brief description of picture (a few words is fine)​

    • You can add a link to a webpage or document by highlighting text then clicking the chain icon

  • Add The Category/ Assign as Feature Post

    • Find the category section and check the appropriate box/ boxes​ (this makes it display under school news at bottom of home page)

    • CLICK FEATURED POST if you want post displayed on newsfeed at top left of home page

    • Your post will not show at all if you forget these steps!!

  • Publish Your Post

    • Click the blue publish button to allow the rest of the world to see your beautiful post​

    • You can also save a draft of your post if you are not done but cannot finish right now

  • Check Your Work

    • Please go to the school's website and check to make sure the post shows

    • Also look for spelling and grammatical errors

    • Make sure formatting is consistent with previous posts

How to post a job

Jobs get posted in 2 places:

  • Job Opportunities page

  • The Blog (shows on district newsfeed)

When posting a job have ready:

  • The PDF posting

  • A picture version of the PDF

Click YouTube to see full size video